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Newko Prototype Stampings and Components

Newko Prototype Stampings and Components

Prototype Stampings -             Newko has Answers

Do you have a need for rapid delivery of precision prototypes?

Newko consistently provides prototype stampings at an extremely competitive cost and delivers them on short lead-times. How?

We provide quality prototypes because we possess two strong assets.

The first is our dedicated, highly skilled and highly experienced team. Most prototype team members have been together for more than a decade. Every year Newko's team continues to grow in size while also building higher levels of expertise.

The second asset is Newko’s variety of in-house manufacturing resources. This includes design and engineering, tool building and over 80 prototype and short-run punch presses. Those resources are further enhanced by a variety of in-house and outside value added services. See our “Added Services” section to learn more.

Prototype manufacturing lead time is one to seven days. Quote lead time is typically same day and can range to one day or 48 hours. You'll never wait long!