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Newko Engineering

Newko Engineering

Newko Engineering Services

Newko's team of outstanding engineers uses the latest CAD and CAM systems to assure that your projects progress smoothly from design and engineering stages to the tooling and manufacturing stages.

Numerous top companies depend on Newko's expert engineering services including those serving aerospace, communications, automotive, and healthcare along with appliance makers and energy producers.

Our in-house design and engineering capabilities, combined with our in-house prototype and development capabilities, make us ideal for meeting your needs too. Have us turn your concepts into reality. Keeping all engineering services under a single roof produces a strong payoff. Work with us at Newko. You will see the payoff first hand.

Newko’s extensive software capabilities include Pro-E, Auto Desk, Autocad, MasterCam and more. We accept a variety of files including Pro-E, step, dwg, dxf, iges and most others.